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Raid - Kristen Ashley description

Meet my Hanna.


and My Raid.


Raiden Ulysses Miller.
An amazing name for an amazing man.

Hanna was your timid girl next door .

and she has been crushing Raid, on the bad boy of her town, since like forever.

She had tried to gain his attention repeatedly..only to be ignored repeatedly too.

The death of a fantasy.
Raiden Ulysses Miller was not a famous actor or athlete, but still.
He would never be mine.

Disappointing? Nope, more like heartbreaking.

But then all of a sudden she became the center of Raid's attention which lead to her confusion.

But she was too happy in cloud nine to notice anything weird in that.

Guess what??? The revelation changed every freaking thing.

How? Read and figure out yourself because I am not gonna read it out loud to you (or in this case, write it out)