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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire Based on the summary,, there is nothing special about this book, which sort of why I did not read this book earlier than I did. I did some research on this book and I found tons of reviews which gave me quite a headache. Some people claimed this book as horrible while others can’t stop praising this book. I ended up reading this book because curiosity got the best of me. And guess what? I am so glad that I read it because it was nothing but awesome! Okay, moving to the story. This story is about Abby and Travis. Abby went to one of Travis’ fights and she caught his eyes,. And sparks flew instantly. However, Abby was warned not to get close to him because he was basically a manwhore. He proposed a friendship, and she took it. And then one day she lost a bet to him so she had to stay with him and sleep in his bed for a month. Things went out of control when Abby started dating a guy and Travis showed his displeasure of it. And one thing led to another and then bam, they had sex. Abby left right after the night which angered Travis, a lot. He went all nuts and then after a few fights they got back together. ;)

Talking bout the characters, Abby is your typical girl. A lil bit insecure but knows how to stand on her ground. And Travis is just Travis. He’s overprotective, sweet, caring and everything a perfect boyfriend is, except that he’s hot tempered. I love them both though, and together, they are the perfect ‘beautiful disaster’ .The premise may be a little bit boring, but give it a try before judging it ;)