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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley I love this book! Hawk is a tough but sweet guy and Gwen is so funny. I enjoyed reading this book, a lot. Well this is mainly a result of me loving alpha males to the bone lol I can rant about my obsession with alpha males for hours but I guess you’re not here to read about that, am I right? Lol moving to the story itself then. Well, this book is simply about Gwen, a cosmo girl, and Hawk, her commando man. They met at a bar one day and from then, they had a casual relationship with Gwen knowing nothing about him while he knows everything about her. When Gwen got involved with a dangerous group of people (because of her troublemaker sister), Hawk caught a glimpse of her and decided that he want to have a serious relationship with Gwen. Gwen tried to end things but failed. Hawk got more and more involved with her life than he should when he helped her save her sister. Hawk is one of my favorite book boyfriends :D He’s sweet and protective of her. He did not talk much but when he pours his heart out, you gotta listen to him! And to add more to the pros, he’s a cuddler and he spoons! And he also buys Gwen a Jimmy Choos shoes! *jealous mode* And Gwen? She has got three men after her, but her eyes were always on one, Hawk. She’s not all weak and need protection, she has got balls but in the end she’s still a woman, so of course she needed Hawk, a lot. And the best thing is this book ends with a happy ending. ;) This book is so freaking addictive, just like The Crow's Row. Go and grab this book now ;)