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Breaking Beautiful (Broken, #2)

Breaking Beautiful (Broken, #2) - Amanda  Bennett Hmm... I kinda like this book a lot more than I thought I would lol The characters are easy to relate (although sometimes they are quite ridiculous). I didn't expect this book to be a complicated read so I was surprised as I get engrossed with the story. This book is about friends who turn lover. Everything didn't happen overnight for this couple. After some horrible decisions made, they both suffered from it. As a conclusion, this book is all about forgiveness. A little bit angsty I guess, but thats just fine with me (after suffering through hell because of Undeniable). This book is obviously not a light read but I kinda had fun reading it. If you like Find You In The Dark, you'd love this book :). There's book two, but don't worry, this book doesn't end with a cliffhanger. And the ending is not that bad. Buy this book, and read it. :)