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From Rags

From Rags - Suzanne  Wright I hated the book, with all my heart.

I had a vacation this year, a freaking long one (it's just one month but heck if it didn't feel like a year). Anyway, just my freaking luck, I forgot to bring my books with me but somehow managed to get stucked with this book. I spent two days into reading it and guess what? I think I had a mental relapse after that over the stupid francs in the books. Well they weren't stupid but the writer made me feel like they were stupid. Jax was supposed to freaking be tough, but all I could read was about a childish bitch. Connor was supposed to make me swoon, but he just freaking annoyed me by breaking his promise and acting like a jerk over every freaking thing. I didn't connect with any of the characters. All I felt was hatred, towards the book, towards the character and towards myself for reading the awful book.