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The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1)

The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle So the book was about Tru, Jake and Will. To make it easier for you to understand the story, let me summarize the characters for you. Tru was dating Will when she met Jake, her rockstar childhood friend/lover. Oh, and Will was the perfect boyfriend. Tru was a fucking cheater who cheated on her boyfriend and then cried about it. Oh, and she also had sex with Jake when going out with Will, in a public bathroom. And Jake? He was once a womanizer until he met Tru again. He knew that she was taken but still fucked her though. And although he was lack of moral values, I adored him for asking Tru to choose between him and Will because like I said, Tru was a fucking bitch. Well, to add to the character description too, she was so fucking selfish, expecting both guys will be okay with her antics. Seriously bitch? I wouldn’t mind buying a shotgun to hit you. Well, Jake was also a bratty big kid too. But the worse part will be that he was always willing to give in to fucking selfish Tru! Huh, wouldn’t mind hitting him with a truck for being such a pussy. And to describe Will, he was perfect except for the fact that he was such a fucking clueless idiot. Seriously, he was supposed to be smart but all I could see was him being an idiot, being fucking lied by his freaking girlfriend. Would love to knock him from a freaking bridge.

Oh, just in case you haven’t noticed it yet, I. FREAKING. HATE. THIS. BOOK.