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At Peace (The 'Burg, #2)

At Peace (The 'Burg, #2) - Kristen Ashley Meet Violet..


And Joe..


This book, like KA's other books is pretty fun to read. Violet was quite funny, while Joe was the softhearted guy who masked the real him behind his serious facade. I liked the book, but I didn't love it. Why?

Joe let Violet go out for a date with Mike, while she's with him. That is so like a menage to me, and I so not like it!

Next, the problem is still Joe. Seriously, he knew that he wanted Violet but he acted like a pussy and didn't bother trying to be with her in a REAL relationship. I pitied Violet because she tried so hard yet he freaking ignored of her effort.

And then there goes Violet. She was fun, caring, lovely and all but I couldn't help but think that she was an idiot. She deserved Mike, and Mike deserved her. So what on Earth was she doing being Joe's whore???