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Friends with Benefits (A Sexy Romance Short Story)

Friends with Benefits (A Sexy Romance Short Story) - Alaina Marks This book is one of the book that I wish I did not read. Yeah, I hate this book. The description should include the sentence “undoubtedly a very boring lame book”. The only thing that I love about this book is the cover, it’s so gorgeous! However as an bookworm, I should have known better than judging yet another book by its freaking cover. Only irrational (and maybe someone who just found a book to read after waking up from a three years coma) would find this book interesting because normal people like me found this book as torturing, literally! It was a great thing that this was a short story. So why is this book so horrible? Firstly, the characters. Brandi needed an apartment to live. And she agreed with an arrangement to be friends with benefit with Neal to have a place to live. The question is, why on Earth she rejected other rational offer (which she got from her ad!). And Neal, he fell in love with Brandi after a few weeks. Like, wth? He was described as heartbroken over his cheating girlfriend for years, and bam he thinks Brandi is perfect. Wtf? And the whole CEO thing? Ridiculous! Except for his ‘expensive’ place, there’s nothing else that indicates that he’s a freaking CEO. And Brandi’s job? I did not read the synopsis carefully, because I went straight to reading this book just by judging the cover. My oh my, I was shocked to find out that she had a job. I thought she was a slut. (jk). I know that the book was a short story and all but wtf is so hard with a lil bit of explaining? Okay, I am now officially haring this book.