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Park and Violet

Park and Violet - Marian Tee description

The blurb sounded intriguing..hmm.. But what I read was not what I expected! Is that a good thing? Hell yeah!

From page one, I was like this:


Seriously, I was so freaking happy that I read this book and met Violet and Park. They were so freaking awesome.

Violet: An adorable banshee.

He was the rudest guy he had ever met. But the fact remained—she needed him.

Park: A hot blond Yeti.

This girl turned him on like no other.

They couldn't be more perfect for each other.


To Park, Violet was an annoying girl. But to Violet, Park was just someone that she needed, for freaking everything :D

That woman was a witch. She had to be, or maybe she had one in her family lineage. Either way, he was going to avoid her like the plague. No one had ever affected him this way before, and it was a complication he could damn well do without.

They annoyed each other a lot but they keep spending time together.

Park closed the distance between them. “Last time we met,” he started.
Violet gave him an encouraging nod. Thank God he was finally willing to talk sensibly.
“Maybe, I gave you an idea—”
“That?” she asked helpfully.
“We’re friends—”
She brightened. “Oh, yes!”
Park looked directly at her and said, “Well, you’re wrong. We’re not friends.”
That made Violet’s smile waver but she hung on to it with all her might. “We have a bond—”
“Which just ended Now.”

Violet was pretty open with her thoughts while park was the silent broody type.

Park was going to be her friend, whether he liked it or not.

This guy–this Korean Yeti, this Nordic ogre-slash-gorilla–this guy was a softie inside.

Park may be a big scary guy, but he sure couldn't fight back when it comes to Violet ;)

She changed the subject. “You have to walk me to school.”
“You will.” She shook his arm for effect, never mind if he was like an unmoving block of cement.
“A) I’m not your father. B) I’m not your brother. C) God forbid that I’m your boyfriend. D) I’m only your friend under coercion and E) I’m not paid to do that and even if you offered, I still wouldn’t take it.”

Seriously, you SHOULD read this SWEET AND CUTE book now!


“Please, please, please, please, please—”
“Okay!” he roared, feeling like his head was about to explode. How could someone so small be so fucking loud?
“You win.”
Violet immediately stopped and sent him another hopeful smile. “Friends?”
“Do I have a choice?” he snarled.
She ran to him with a carefree laugh and before Park knew it, she was up on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek.
Headache out, arousal in.