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Shine Not Burn

Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey I loved it! Okay, here goes my ranting :)

Meet Andie, our city girl..

I love her Outfit!

And Mack, our cowboy..

Can't put a too hot pic Here!

You see, here's the problem with these two. They were married to each other...

"Says here in my system you married a man by the name of ... Gavin MacKenzie, on April tenth, two thousand and eleven... That name ring any bells? Gavin MacKenzie? What's that? Scottish?... Ma'am? Are you still there?"

...but Andie didn't even remember that she married Mack and she wanted a divorce so she could marry her fiance.

Life plan, the document that laid out the route that would lead me to my goals: independence, safety, and financial success.

She wanted what happened in Vegas to just freaking stay there but Mack refused to let er go.

“I can’t let you go because you are mine.”

So how is she gonna resist the sexy cowboy???

Sometimes, we just have to go where the wind takes us and see where we end up.

Read the book and you will have a sweet, funny but steamy read :)

p/s: it's not a New Adult novel, it's totally an Adult book :)