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Special Forces - Soldiers (Special Forces, #1)

Special Forces - Soldiers (Special Forces, #1) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan *a review for 18+, read at your own fucking risk*

Meet Vadim.


and Dan.


On their first encounter, Vadim raped Dan.
He even demanded his wing man to kill him after that.

But Dan fought the wingman and survived.

Which led to their next meeting because Dan wanted a revenge for the rape which he called Nothing.

He’d get the man, sooner or later, to obliterate the memory of Nothing.

Dan's first attempt to make Vadim pay wasn't too successful.

Which led to a second attempt which was helped by the small thing called Fate.

They met again in an attack.

This time Dan 'won' the 'battle'.
He tortured Vadim.
He tortured him until deth seemed to be a better solution to Vadim.

Live, yes, wanted him to live? In too many ways, no.

But he didn't kill him.
He helped him heal his tortures.
He helped him escape his enemies.
Why? Because Vadim was his Cunt, his Pizda.

They parted ways...but they met again in the small city called Kabul.

There. Done it. Congratulations, Dan. You haven’t kicked the fucker’s face in yet, a whole two seconds. You haven’t jumped his bones either, or cut his throat, or splattered his brains across the courtyard with the pistol you’ve got hidden. Or sucked his cock.

Vadim offered Dan something that disgusted him. But he was intrigued.

“What do you want?” Dan couldn’t stop the words. Lies. What do I want.
Tell me. No. Show me, you motherfucker! “You,” Vadim murmured, voice rough. “Want you, and you bastard know it. Doesn’t take rocket scientist.” He risked more, got closer, groin to groin.
You. The word shot across Dan’s brain. You. Again and again.

Dan mingled with the enemy he hated. He should stay away from Vadim but he couldn't let Vadim go.

Flight or fuck.

Vadim hated Dan but he couldn't stop wanting Dan.

No longer flight or fuck but die or fuck.

They were fucking mad for each other. Ruled by their cocks.

Pleading, begging, more, fuck, more of this, this…this mad thing. Man. This something that turned him on like nothing before. Soldier. Spetsnaz. Special Forces. Killer. Sniper.
Enemy. And shameless whore

But when their war started to affect them, they were forced to depend on each other, secretly.

“Protect me.” Big words—small voice.

“They’ll have to fight me for you.”

With pain came realisation.

He didn’t relish this the way he would have, the country, the years of war had sapped his enthusiasm for it. He didn’t even hate the man anymore. All he really wanted to do was go back to Dan and make sure he was alright and would survive.

The war was not a walk in the park, it was messy and dangerous but they couldn't help but return because that's where they belonged.

The closest thing to his notion of home, if ‘home’ was mountains, heat and cold, skies above an endless expanse of nothing. Unkempt bands of goat-fuckers, flea infested caves, guts, fear and danger, and the familiar mosaics in an unexpected oasis. Shade, green, over-sweetened tea and sticky pastries, in the very centre of Kabul. Afghanistan, his fate, his life, and probably his death. Afghanistan — and Vadim, his Russian.

They were each others salvation. They needed each other, badly.

In his mellow-boozed mind the whole thing didn’t seem all that horrific anymore, but there was that one memory he’d never forget. The reason why and the start of it all. Of everything. The pain, the truth, the lust, and this. This...sharing.

They fought. They kissed. They had sex.

“I want you, Dan. More than anything.
You...are in my blood, in my bones, I need...you. Do you understand.” ~ Vadim

They saved each other.

"...Having you is like…owning you.”
“Owning me?"“Why the fuck do you want to own me?”
“So I can keep you,”“So it doesn’t end.”
“It won’t.”

and they loved.

He hated Vadim right now, wanted to kill him, destroy him, and needed him. Wanted him. Hell. Pain, dirt, grime and stench and impossible heat of sweat, bodies and raw power. Heaven.


the book fucked with my brain.