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Only For You (For You #1)

Only For You  - Genna Rulon description

I am actually still feeling like this (a day after finishing the book):


If you're a big fan of Beautiful Disaster and Slammed, you might wanna read this book. This book was some sort of a secret lovechild between those two, packed with humours and feelings.

The book was..*flips open a dictionary* amazing. The first half was fun but the second half was downright brilliant.

When I received an email requesting another review, I was like this *too honored that people bother requesting my nonsense review lol*:


But when the author mentioned that the book was like BD and Slammed, I went straight to this:


And I extremely expected myself to be like this:


But I actually ended up doing this:


and feeling this too:


and this the THING the author did to the friendship between Everleigh and Sam turned me into a sobbing mess, an ugly one at that:


despite the fact that certain parts made me wanna do this to people:


The characters, they were the epitome of fun. Firstly, there's Everleigh and Hunter, they were dripping with sarcasms all the time!

“Sir, you are no gentleman.”
“And you, Miss, are no lady.”

The banters they had was so damn funny at times that I might need a few days to recover from it.

“But who will bring me coffee in the mornings and breakfast treats?”
“You’re running a coffee shop. You have those items at your disposal,” Hunter laughed.
“That is true, but who will give me big bear hugs each day?”
“I’m sure you can persuade Sam to fill in for me when needed.”
“She’s physically incapable of giving me a bear hug—she can only provide tiny cub hugs.”

The friendship and relationship they developed was nicely crafted even though it wasn't that realistic to me.

Next, there's Sam.

She was selfless and patient when needed, tough and bitchy when required, and fellow party girl once I was able.

She made me laugh, she made me cry and she made me smile. She was like the bestest friend ever! (Seriously, I want a friend like her too!).

After that, there's Griffin.

I wanted to adopt him as my big brother and keep him forever.

He was like the sh*t for me. This may sound weird, but I loved him more than I did Hunter because if I had this kind of guy pining for me, Hunter would be just a memory to me lol Overall, I loved the book! The ending was kinda rushed but the thing nearing the ending, that was the best part of all albeit heartbreaking

Seriously, I loved the book, like a lot. And my review isn't in any way swayed by the fact that I got the arc copy for free from the author herself. Go freaking read it yourself and understand what on Earth I just blabbered in this rant.

p/s: read from the synopsis that there would be book two! I hope it's Sam and Griffin's story. :)