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Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5)

Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5) - Kristen Ashley 3.5 Jagged Stars from me :)

I can't explain it now because the publisher has requested that reviews NOT be posted until closer to the November 5th release date, how sweet of them right? LOL

So see you again in November :3

I forgot to review this one. My memory is obviously trying to fuck up my life. *sighs*

Lets do a quickie shall we?


An old flame rekindled . . .

Zara Cinders always knew Ham Reece was the one, but he wasn't interested in settling down. When she found someone who was, Ham walked out of her life. Three years later, Zara's lost her business, her marriage, and she's barely getting by in a tiny apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. As soon as Ham hears about Zara's plight, he's on her doorstep offering her a lifeline. Now, it will take every ounce of will power she possesses to resist all that he offers.

Ham was always a traveling man, never one to settle down in one town, with one woman, for more time than absolutely necessary. But Ham's faced his own demons, and he's learned a lot. About himself, and about the life he knows he's meant to live. So when he hears that Zara's having a rough time, he wants to be the one to help. In fact, he wants to do more than that for Zara. A lot more. But first, he must prove to Zara that he's a changed man.

Long story short, this book is about the story of a Ham and a Cookie.





Trust me, they work!
But their story kinda bored the hell out of me.
And sometimes it pissed the heck out of me : you fuck around and expect your girl to wait for you? who's that fucking dense?! Someone, obviously.
NOTHING I've never seen before in KA's other books.
Kristen Ashley is still one of my favourite authors though.