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Ninety Eight

Ninety Eight - Shannon Mayer description

DNF at 22% (lol) because I am a loser LOL

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This book:



Since I am a very chatty loser, I'll explain my reasons like a proud loser! even though I have barely read the book, it won't stop me from rambling bout my frustration..love me or hate me, I'm gonna rant about it anyway :D


My only reason of not finishing the book is: I. Hated. The. Characters. With. All. My. Heart. Head. Hair. Arms. Torso. And. Legs.


Lets list the beloved characters to make it easier for you to understand my nonsense rambling.

1. ... what's her name again? ... I think it started with a B...nope, not a Bitch, you crude girl! ... hmm... F*ck! I couldn't even remember her name!!! *scrolls through book* Okay, people it's Brielle, Brielle McGraw what a pretty name, but the book sure made it easy to forget it :D. She was the heroine of the story.

2. ... Sh*t, I couldn't remember the dude's name too! I am getting old, that's why my memory is failing me LOL and no, it doesn't matter that I'm just 18! ... *scrolls through the book, again* Okay fellas, this time it's Darwin, Darwin Alexander sounds yummy, right? ;). He was the hero of the story.

3. Victor..I don't remember nor I want to remember his last name..oh wait, I just stumbled upon it, it was Babcock LOL couldn't help but smirk at that :D He was Brielle's fiance.
4. Fiona.. Since she was married to Darwin, I think her full name would be Fiona Alexander. She was Darwin's wife. reminds me of the Fiona from the Shrek movies LOL


Lets list why I hated didn't love them :)


Brielle ~ I strongly disliked her!

a) She was so damn judgemental! There was this moment when she freaking accused Fiona of being a spoiled brat.. after meeting her for less than HALF a day, all because she came from a rich family! First meeting, and then bam, she thought she f*cking knew everything that was Fiona.

I was not that kind of girl. I wasn’t like Fiona, who no doubt needed several people just to help her tie her shoes in the morning.

What a judgemental b*tch! I mean seriously, you don't f*cking know her, so don't f*cking dare to judge her! Do you even know that APPEARANCE isn't f*cking EVERYTHING??? She could be a rape victim for all you know!

and she didn't stop at that, she continued judging people by the few hours she spent with them..

I couldn’t help but compare him to Darwin, my mind pointing out their most obvious differences. Even just the physical difference of Darwin’s ripped body, which I’d done my damndest not to notice while he sat beside me in the hospital, next to Vic’s trim but soft body. If it had just been the physical, I could have brushed it off, but it was Darwin’s compassion for a complete stranger that had gotten under my skin.

Okay, that one's a nice assessment from someone as b*tchy as her..guess what's the reason? Because he was a guy and he was a hot one at that!!! Guess she was one of those bitchy girls who became an angel when it comes to a hot guy and a devil when it comes to.. women, as overall!

b) She was too proud of herself that I felt like puking whenever she bragged bout herself..e.g:

I couldn’t help but smile. “Dr. Winston, I’m sure we’ll find a way to work around her.” Which really meant that I would smooth things over like I always did and everything would be just fine. Though it wasn’t in my job description, scraping the shit off the ceiling after it went through the fan was a specialty of mine.

Hmm..that statement is exaggeration at its best because by 'smoothing things', she meant causing chaos because at the end of the day, she made a woman cry, got kicked by a horse and went unconscious, because of her 'smoothig things'..Yup, what a specialty!

c) She was a f*cking hypocrite.

“I don’t wrangle ponies. No, that’s not true. I only wrangle them when the handler is an idiot.”
His hands paused over the scissors. “You think the owner of that horse is an idiot?”
“She just doesn’t know what she’s doing. I’m sure she’s a very nice person. When she isn’t around horses and isn’t insulting people

You see..she called Fiona an idiot for insulting people, UNINTENTIONALLY (because Fiona was just a bit too naive..), but she FORGOT that she also insulted Fiona right in her face when she impatiently and RUDELY asked Fiona to stop handling a horse the wrong way saying that Fiona better let her do it properly...instead of POLITELY telling and showing her how to handle a horse properly. Other than that, she did insult Darwin too. And guess what? Since it's Brielle the Mighty, she didn't call herself a f*cking idiot too. Yup, our Brielle the Mighty was just that fair in her f*cking judgement :)


Darwin ~ I really disliked that man!

Well my reason would be easy, he was a SHITTY husband. When someone insults your WIFE, you f*cking stand for them instead of bashing her too! It doesn't matter whether you are mad at her or don't love her, you just stand for them because she is your f*cking WIFE and not some kind of SLAVE that you could degrade all you want. And this definitely is a LAW when your wife is some innocent woman who is a bit too bubbly for her own good!

“I … oh my God, I’m so sorry.” Embarrassment suffused me and I was quite sure that my cheeks lit up like lights on a Christmas tree. I covered my mouth with my hand, as if I could take back the things I’d said.
“Why are you apologizing?”
“Because … .” God, I couldn’t tell him what I really thought about her. I wracked my brain, had I said anything really nasty? That day was fuzzy now, and I couldn’t quite recall the words. Maybe I could brush it off … .
“For thanking me for shutting the door on her ‘insufferable voice’? For calling her an idiot horse handler?”
I groaned and lowered my head to the table, shaking one finger at the ceiling. “Yeah, kinda like that.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve said similar things, and she’s my wife.”

For God sake! That woman f*cking badmouthed your wife and you f*cking smiled and agreed with her? It didn't take a genius to figure out that you're an ASSHOLE husband. Clue in babe, what you said didn't fucking reflect your WIFE, it reflected your rotten heart!


Victor ~ I extremely disliked him.

He was a first-class jerk. But that wasn't what pissed me off..It's the fact that Brielle kept rubbing in my face the LIE that he was a good guy. Till the 22% point, she f*cking said that he was a good guy for 11 times! When the truth was he was the worst kind of bf ever!

a) She went unconcious because of an accident and was brought to a hospital. He was in a meeting, so guess what the good guy did? He continued with the meeting..Wow, that's a really sweet thing to do to your gf! -_-

b) He finally got to the hospital. His gf was still lying on the bed with a few stiches on her head. Guess what did he do? He f*cking started talking bout DEBTS she had instead of tending to her! What a really adorable topic! -_-

“Of course, of course, Baby. You just sleep. I’m going to go find the doctor and see when you’ll get discharged. We need to talk about your life insurance policy too. I’d never realized how dangerous your job was before this. Honestly, Baby, you could have been killed—all your debt would have ended up on me if we were married. And Frank’s reputation would have been tarnished if his stepdaughter died with unpaid debts. It wouldn’t be right, you know, not after all he’s done for you and your mom.”

c) She just got home from the hospital, suffering a bit of dizziness from a lil concussion.. Guess what the good guy did? Nope, not asking whether she needs anything to rest..In fact he didn't even want to let her rest.. So what did he f*cking do? He demanded sex!!! Wow, what a romantic thing to do! -_-

“I have a concussion. Were you paying attention at all to what the discharge nurse said? I have to be woken up every two hours, to be safe.” I turned my head to look at him and he caught my lips with his, his mouth hungry on mine.
I pulled away from him. “Vic, not tonight. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the head by a horse. Which, if you’ll recall, is exactly what happened to me.”
“But you’re okay, it’s not like you were hurt badly.”

What. The. F*ck?


Fiona ~ I kinda disliked her.

She was too f*cking bubbly to be real. Couldn't help but think about a HYPERACTIVE five year old gir whenever she was mentioned.

She was very pretty, perky and by the way she danced about, extremely excitable. ~~~~~ ...Fiona hopping from one foot to the other with obvious glee. ~~~~~ Fiona did some sort of cheerleader hop, kicking her heels back at the same time as she leapt in the air. Wow, perky was an understatement. ~~~~~ ...Fiona squeezing Dr. Winston in a hug, even going so far as to kiss him on the cheek. ~~~~~ She bounced backward out of his grasp, clapping her hands, her long brunette hair in a high ponytail that danced as if it was its own entity. ~~~~~ Fiona did a twirl so she faced us and was walking backwards. ~~~~~ I realized she didn’t even see that what she was saying was an insult. Fiona was clueless to the extreme. ~~~~~ Fiona had disappeared, chasing after one of the grooms... ~~~~~ Fiona jumped, yes jumped, to my side seemingly out of nowhere ~~~~~ The last horse of the day was an untrained stud colt—new to the barn—and he was wild. I mean rearing and bucking as Fiona led him down the hallway, his blood red coat shimmering in the light that ghosted through the barn. She squealed and danced in front of the horse, which only egged him on, sending him into orbit again and again. ~~~~~ I hadn’t expected her to burst into tears, worse, they weren’t the silent quiet tears a normal person might indulge in. She let out a wail, her screaming cry


The End.


Have you seen the rating?? Did I read the wrong book here? -_-