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Mid Life Love: At Last (Mid Life Love, #2)

Mid Life Love: At Last (Mid Life Love, #2) - Whitney Gracia Williams 2 I-am-Very-Fucking-Sensitive-When-It-Comes-to-My-Favorite-Book! Stars

Wow, that sounds fucking confusing, but don't worry, I've got a lil time to explain that nonsense to you guys ;)


Yup, the suspect was : Mid Life Love: At Last (Mid Life Love, #2) by Whitney Gracia Williams while the victims are the This Man family by Jodi Ellen Malpas.

Lemme explain!

By pointing out a few obvious examples for you guys..

From the Mid Life Love: At Last:

“How long have you been working for Jonathan?”
“Since he first started his company.”
“Did he treat all his girlfriends like this? Make them drop whatever they were doing just because he wanted to see them?”
“No.” He shook his head.
“But you chauffeured them around too, right? Those few serious girlfriends that he had?”
“Miss Gracen...”
“I’m just trying to make conversation to get my mind off the fact that he just demanded that I come home. That’s all.”
“Of course.” He pulled the car onto the highway ramp and turned the music up a notch.
“Are you going to answer my question, Greg?”
He sighed. “Mr. Statham has never asked me to chauffeur any of his other girlfriends.”

From my beloved This Man Series [Book Two: Beneath This Man]:

‘How long have you known him?’ I ask. I may as well get my fill while I can. He might shut up and not start talking again.
‘Too long.’


‘Is he always so challenging?’
‘Only with you, girl. He’s actually quite laidback.’


From the Mid Life Love: At Last:

"I watched as she rushed out of my office, as she nearly collided with my second highest security chief—Clive."

From my beloved This Man Series [Book One: This Man]:

As I walk into the foyer, I see Clive, one of the concierges, playing with the new computer equipment.

Seriously, they both have someone named Clive working for them? One secures people while the other secure building. (Side note: If your name is Clive, your chance of getting in the security team is fucking HIGH)

Lastly..[Adult ALERT!]

From the Mid Life Love: At Last:

“I asked you a question, Claire.” He gripped my breasts and squeezed them, slamming into me with each moan I let escape from my mouth.
“I...I like...” I stuttered. “I like when you...”
“Yes?” He moved one of his hands down to my clit and started rubbing it in a rhythm he knew all too well.
“When you...”
“Fuck me with your mouth...” He was speeding up his thrusts now, making it harder and harder for me to talk straight. “Finish. The .Sentence.”
“Wait...I...I like when...when you—”
“Elevator car number 510 at Waldo and Emerson Associates, This is responding unit 861.” A voice came over the speakers. “Speaking to you right now is fire chief Brennan Marshall. We’ve noticed the current cart has stalled for over six minutes. Are there any persons inside?”
“You know I don’t care if they see us like this...” Jonathan reached down for my hands, pulling them up over my head and pressing them against the wall. “And I won’t stop when they open the doors if you haven’t answered me.”
“Are there any persons inside?” The fire chief repeated. “Hmmm. Might be an empty cart gentlemen,” he said in a lowered voice.
“There are persons inside.” Jonathan answered calmly, but his thrusts inside of me were the exact opposite. I was doing my best to hold my breath and bite down on my lip to prevent myself from screaming again.
“Okay, hold tight. We’ll send a team over now.”
There was another series of beeps to end the conversation, and then everything around me went hazy—blurred. I was suddenly screaming at the top of my lungs as he pushed me to the verge of an orgasm, as he demanded that I answer him one last time.
“I love when you...” I let my head fall back against his shoulder, let my body completely go. “When you fuck me with your mouth...” I shut my eyes as my knees gave in beneath me, as he slowly slid out of me and let me fall down to the floor.

From my beloved This Man Series [Book Two: Beneath This Man]:

‘Fucking hell, say it, Ava!’ he roars. A bead of sweat trails down his temple and his frown line jumps into position.
‘Ava!’ he shouts, and it echoes around the bedroom before he smashes our mouths together viciously. I buck and writher under his forceful body and greedy mouth as my pending release simmers low in my groin. ‘You like that?’ he gasps against my mouth as he persists with his relentless pounds.
‘You want this every day?’
‘Yes!’ I cry. I really do!
He yanks my hair tighter and grinds his hips harder. ‘Say it then.’ he growls. I feel the wound up coils snapping inside me as I fly into a bottom pit of pure pleasure beneath him. All reason is lost as he takes ownership of my body, soul and mind.
‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Fucking hell. Yes!’ I scream.

Yeah, it's a trend nowadays to use sex to have your way in everything, don't be too shocked. (Side note: People really should beware with prostitutes or gigolos after this..)

The ONLY saving grace would be the ADORABLE twins.

“I need thirty dollars.”
“Excuse me?”
“Actually, I need fifty dollars. Ashley does too, but thirty each will do.”
“Did the airport stop giving out paychecks all of a sudden? Where is your money?”
“What’s going on?” Ashley walked into the store and stood next to her, not even glancing my way. “Did she give you the money yet?”
“No.” Caroline sighed. “She still thinks we save money from our jobs...”
“How do the two of you expect to go to college this fall without knowing how to save money?” I was tired of going over this with them. “Do you think it grows on trees? Do you think it falls out of the sky whenever you need it?”
“So she’s not going to give us the money?” “I think that’s what she’s saying.” “Did you tell her it was for summer-senior-night and everyone who’s anyone is going to be there?” “No, I just asked for the money. I didn’t think I needed to explain why.”
I sighed and prepared to re-start my lecture, but Jonathan walked in with a large bouquet of bright pink roses. “Good afternoon, ladies.” He looked at me and then he looked back and forth between Ashley and Caroline.
“Good afternoon,” they said in unison.
“Can we have fifty dollars—each?” Ashley smiled at him.
“Of course.” He pulled out his wallet and handed them both a hundred dollar bill. Just like that.
“Why don’t we just do that every time?” “I don’t know...Maybe we like the challenge?” They both laughed and rushed outside.