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Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard I tried reading this book last year and it ended as a DNF..since I'm a very persistent reader, I tried it again today. Guess what? It ended as a DNF too today!

I am not sure why but the reason is one of those:

it freaking bored me!



it freaking frustrated me!


Well come to think about it, it's actually the horrible combination of both.

First of all, lets start with the boring part.

It's nobody's fault but I was extremely bored by Beatrice and Dante, and Dante and Beatrice. All the freaking hidden meanings behind their words and sentences creeped the heck out of me. Just go kill yourself if you're really that depressed, don't bother trying to depress me too!

Next, onto the frustrating part.

Gabriel and Julia. That's the frustrating part. Julia is an extraordinarily naive girl that really needed a hard slap on the face so that she could stop freaking living in her freaking fantasy. Wake up girl, life can't be as pretty as you wish. Gabriel also needs a slap, with a chair. I don't care that he's screwed in the head, just don't freaking screw Julia's small head. That girl is an idiot, just let her be and go being depressed alone!

Okay I am extremely tired of this book. Don't freaking dare to suggest this series to me anymore!