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The Devil's Pawn

The Devil's Pawn - Elizabeth Finn Hmm.. what should I say about this one?
This book is obviously a nicely written book with addictive plot...
It is surely disturbing at times...
If you're a young adult, what described in this book may disturb your peace of mind..
Okay, moving to the story then.
This book is about Ashton who applied to work at Trimbles because she couldn't pay her dead father's debt. She was inexperience (and a virgin!) so she had to be trained by a guy named Derek. He took her virginity and most of her firsts. She eventually fell in love with him and so did him.

However, as it was a forbidden love story, there's no freaking way they could be together, could them?

Derek gave her to another man and he regretted it. Ashton forgave him. Derek paid Ashton's debt and disappeared after giving her some money. The WTF thing is that it turned out that Derek was a rich guy, and that he worked at Trimbles because he was threatened by his boss regarding his sister.

The twist of even was so freaking annoying to me although it wasn't that bad. I mean Derek's a freaking idiot for taking too long to do what he did in the end of the story, I mean why on Earth he wanted Ashton to suffer first?!!!

Okay, just in case you still don't know it yet, this book is for MATURE ADULT ONLY because of the content, so if you're a YOUNG ADULT, stay away from this book.
Go try reading The Crow's Row or Perfect Chemistry if you're interested in Mafia stuff.