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Rush (The Breathless Trilogy)

Rush - Maya Banks Mia and Gabe. They made me sigh, a lot.

This is Mia..


and this is Gabe..


I was okay with everything, till one point where I just hated both of them.Gabe fucking let people touch her (which simply means he SHARED her) and why did I hate Mia for that? Well she fucking said the idea thrilled her and when he did that she fucking resented it. WTF?

Gabe had everything, but he wanted Mia and only Mia.

She was forbidden fruit. His best friend’s little sister. Only she wasn’t so little anymore, and he had definitely taken notice. She’d become some kind of twisted preoccupation for him.

And when he got her, he became obsessed with her.

She was an obsession, and it made him uncomfortable to admit, but she was a drug in his veins he had no desire to cure himself of.

And the obsession was reciprocated by Mia

Gabe Hamilton had kissed her. Not just kissed her, but he’d dragged her onto the terrace and ravaged her.

But an obsession is affecting their sanities.

She had shaken his carefully ordered world and tilted it on end.

But things were okay because they both were blunt about their expectations of each other.

“I don’t want you to be nervous or afraid of me, Mia. That’s not my intention at all. I gave you a very detailed outline of what our relationship will be to allay any fears or confusion. I merely want you to know precisely what our agreement will entail. But I never intended for you to be frightened or intimidated.”
She stared back at him, determined to be confident and straightforward. “I trust you, Gabe. I always have. It’s the reason I’ve decided to accept your proposal.”

But Gabe's way of approaching her was a bit out of normal, he proposed something for her and well she accepted it.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. “And mine.”

However, Gabe kept hiding his feelings behind the freaking proposal!

“Don’t fall in love with me, Mia...”

And he was a bit insane for certain parts of the book where he kept denying his feelings.

She was his drug. His addiction that he was helpless to break. Moreover he had no desire to ever break it.

And Gabe, being Gabe wasn't as smart as he was supposed to when he freaking hurt her.

He turned back over, automatically reaching for her. But she’d already turned on her side, facing away from him. She didn’t reject his touch, but neither did she embrace it. Still, he curled his arm around her middle, locking her solidly to his chest. He wanted her to know he was here. And God, more than that he needed the assurance that she was here.

She touched a part of him he’d thought was inaccessible. A part that had been jealously guarded for years. And she’d gotten there with no effort whatsoever. She’d walked into his life and heart like she belonged.
And the hell of it was that he was convinced she did.

But don't worry because in the end everything went well for them, and yes, Mia made him pay for hurting her.he rejected and embarrassed her by stating that he didn't want her and she made him crawled to gain her forgiveness for that lol