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Down London Road (On Dublin Street)

Down London Road - Samantha Young I loved On Dublin Street, so I had a high expectation for this book..but this book was a major disappointment for me.

This book was a story of Jo and Cam. But heck if it really focused on the couple, it did not!

Jo was dating Malcolm for half of the freaking book while Cam was dating Becca for half of the book.


It really annoyed me that the book was so slow in progress. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters, and that's so freaking sad considering that I wasted two days on this book! The author had so many pages written yet not even one of them was filled with something that can make me feel like they should be together.


I wanted to give a one star rating to the book but then I decided against it because of Jo's brother, he's just so adorable!