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Scare Crow:A Crow's Row Love Story

Scare Crow  - Julie Hockley IT'S FUCKING OUT ON B&N! (I rarely shop there but whatever LOL) and it might be released a bit later on Amazon (sometime this week) (but it doesn't matter much for someone now Kindle-less like me ><)<br/>
APRIL 18TH, 2014

And the cover, well, does the statue really has to be in it?!! whatever -_-


Ugh, I need this book now!



from her twitter account on August 23rd:

“The formal editing process for#scarecrow has started. Looks like everything should be moving along more quickly now that we are there!!“

and her raw synopsis on Facebook:

“Okay, so I might as well share this with everyone…this is the blurb I wrote to describe Scare Crow (still no publish date). Obviously the publisher will be totally re-writing it, but just wanted to give you my version of what Scare Crow will be about…”

“Mob king, Cameron Hillard has abandoned Emily “Emmy” Sheppard, for her own good, so that she can live a long and peaceful life. Now Emmy is grieving Cameron’s death, or at least his fictional death. She has been beaten up and spit out of his underworld, and is expected to move on with her charmed life as though nothing happened. As though her world hadn’t just been turned on its head and spun into a deep woven mess.

While Cameron miserably tries to go back to what is left of his life and unfurl the mess he has made of the underworld, Emmy is holding onto a secret – one that in the wrong hands could get her killed, and take the one and only thing that she loves from her. She needs to kill the mob kingpins responsible for Cameron’s death before they come looking for her.

Cameron has no idea of the danger he has placed Emmy in and that it may already be too late for him to save her.”