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Awakening Foster Kelly

Awakening Foster Kelly - Cara Rosalie Olsen *I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

I tried liking the book but sadly, I failed.

I don't get every-single-thing told in the book. I don't understand Foster. I don't understand her parents. I don't understand Dominic. I understand nothing.

The words were creatively chosen and I admit that certain parts were quite beautiful but the thing is I didn't understand them, at all.

Why? Because one moment I was reading about a butterfly and the next thing I knew I was reading bout a bird. :c

And then there's Foster. Her name is so weird that it feels weird to even say it. She kept going 'blank' and I just don't get why. (I have a theory that she was mentally retarded)

And the plot? I can't even figure out what the real plot was.

So my conclusion is that this book is not for me. Not now, not ever.