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Unforgiven - Elizabeth Finn ~3.5 Love-Hate Stars~

As you can guess, I loved it a bit more than I hated it ;) because it was hot

This is a story of pain, sorrow and forgiveness, with some hot steamy encounters now and then..

Lets meet my masochist, Bailey.


She made a mistake which changed several lives but
sorry couldn't change a thing when people refuse to forgive you.

She could spare herself the pain of being unwanted and hated but for Darren's forgiveness, she was willing to endure all the pain because his forgiveness mattered most. So he let him hurt her and break her heart.

Why? Because she was Bailey a masochist.

And here's my sadist, Darren.


He loved her and he hated her.
He used to be nice but after what happened, he devoted his life to hate her.
He wanted to hurt her, make her suffer and see her cry.

Why? Because he was Darren a sadist.

So this is the story of how Darren tortured Bailey with her past and how she endured it all because she was a masochist felt like she deserved it.

The book made me feel sorry for Bailey.
The book made me feel mad at Darren.
The book made me feel hot and bothered.
The book made me feel frustrated.
The book made me feel shocked and wowed.
The book made me feel.

However, it was perfect but it's not perfect.

It had flaws..but I there were some that I just couldn't excuse.



I disliked Darren. Okay, strike that, I downright hated him.

He was mean, rude and cruel to Bailey when all she'd done was a mistake.

“Lidocaine.” He said the word and nothing else, and then he stabbed her hand shallowly and plunged the syringe partially. Bailey yelped and cried out as the pain of the injection burned through her skin. “It’s going to burn like hell too. Suppose I should have mentioned.” There was a cruel smirk on his lips, and Bailey could only whimper in response as he withdrew the syringe and stuck her on the other side of the laceration. She so desperately did not want to give him the reaction he was waiting for. There was no doubt in her mind he wanted her in tears in front of him.

He was rude to his mom, when she was a very nice woman who cared about him.

“You’re sleeping with her?” Her voice was suddenly venomous.
“It’s none of your business what I’m doing with her.”
“Well, I’m making it my business. I’m not going to watch you hurt this girl.”
“And why do you care?” His own anger was matching hers, and his goal instantly became defense, not rebuttal. “Does she suddenly deserve your concern? Do you really give a shit if I hurt her feelings, break her heart, take advantage of the poor little murderer?” His voice was cruel and cold. He was simply fighting at this point.
“I care! Yes! And I’m not going to watch you destroy her!” It was turning into an entryway shouting match.

Lastly, he was one hell of a ridiculous grown up man.

He refused to forgive her when the mistake was not entirely her freaking fault.
He kept punishing her for her past when she had suffered greatly from it already.
He played with her heart, loving her one second and hating her another second.
He downright treated her like she was not worthy.
All while giving mixed clues about how he really felt.
And all rooted from one single mistake.

And guess whats my biggest problem??? The mistake itself!

It was a mistake, she drove when she was drunk and the accident (and mind you, not her) killed Jess, Darren's sister. Everyone who has been young knew that the f*cking mistake could happen to anyone, yet everyone in the freaking TOWN, especially freaking Darren called her a freaking murderer because of it. I mean seriously, THEY ALL hated her and shunned her away because she was, in their words, a MURDERER, when as far as I'm freaking concerned, she didn't drive the car to f*cking
I mean, if she was a murderer for doing that, /// what about when someone jump in front of a train, does the conductor become a MURDERER too? Yup just like Bailey the conductor didn't plan for it to happen

(Bailey wasn't aware that she was too drunk to drive (because her sober company to the club, freaking Darren didn't freaking bother to check on her and refused to let them take a cab!) /// and the conductor was just doing his job (diverting the train was impossible when he didn't know that someone would jump in front of it in the last minute!))

...and of course, just like Bailey, the conductor had no control over what could have happened..

Yes, they were the reasons for someone getting killed, but hell to the no, they didn't do the killing!

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