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Boy Next Door

Boy Next Door - Emma Clark descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription

Title: Boy Next Door --) So freaking inappropriate for such book!!!




--) oh I like..what more can I say? He's shirtless!!



At a busy coffee shop in Houston, Mia meets tall, dark, hot Brandon Levine.

Brandon's jade-colored eyes captivate her. His smile beguiles her. But what secrets is he hiding behind those eyes and dazzling smile?

Soon she'll discover Brandon's insidious motives and truths that will shock her.

And just wait till she meets his brother Tyler.

--) Kinda too common but not too lame..


The Warning:

Themes: Stockholm syndrome, sociopathic behavior, bondage (not role-play), non-con, abduction, dark erotic thriller

WARNING: This book contains controversial themes. BND is NOT for everyone. REITERATION: This book involves offensive content and isn't for everyone. I am not being condescending; I just want to warn anyone who might be triggered emotionally by non-con and dub-con. I do not want my books to upset anyone.

---) That (and only that) sold it! [Notice how the blurb and the cover kinda CONTRADICT the CONTENT?!].


I am pretty much a coward when it comes to books like this but I WILL read it..after reading a bunch of paranormal stuff that is (HEY, it HELPS for me LOL)..

I am off to find good paranormal books in my SAFE lol