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Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular - Ella Frank TITLE


4.57 I-Fucking-Lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved-the-Book-But-Damn-If-I-Could-Forgive-the-Unforgiveables Stars

*this is gonna be a VERY long rant which contain not-VERY-long UN-polite words which has the ability to bore you to death, so read at your own risk and oh, one more thing : I never said I'm good at reviewing :)*



It's gorgeous but I couldn't help but wonder, WTF with the eyebrows???


Tick, tick, tock.


That’s all I have now.

A small room, a photograph, and time.

This was supposed to be the best year of my life.

That’s what everyone said—they lied.

I thought I could bend the world to my will, make them see it my way.

Convince them that our passion was not a crime, make time stand still.

I was wrong.

The clock keeps ticking, the world did not bend, and now...

Now he is gone.

It's an interesting Blurb, but it's one of the MOST USELESS blurb EVER.


-a photograph

If you could guess what the fuck the book is about from the blurb alone, you're definitely a Genius, because the normal me couldn't fathom what on Earth the book is about. My guess was it is a mafia-ish book.

The story in my head was kind of like this (don't worry it's NOT a fucking spoiler, but I just feel like utilizing the spoiler tag for fun right now ;)):

She was in a questioning room (whereever that is, as long as there's some cops with protruding bellies there) and she was questioned bout her lover (who I assumed was some kind of HOT mafia leader with a scar or two, just to make him HOTTER). The picture was of his (in his suit, since that will also makes him HOTTER than HOT LOL). How did she come into the picture? Well she was selling drugs..to? Well school students? LOL Now, he was her boss who accidentally fell in love with the lame her (well, she was lame because heroines tend to be well, lame). They had sex yada yada and then vowed to love each other, till death do us part, shit like that. Their drug mansion(?) well whatever it is got busted, she got caught and there she was, answering their fucking questions while he was hiding somewhere bleeding thanks to a gunshot LOL

If you had the same theory (which I fucking doubt), then congratulation! You've got it Wrong and now I'm no longer alone in the lonely Idiot-Land (I'll be the Queen here!)!

Anyway, it turned out that it was a TEACHER-STUDENT book! Which is my favorite genre! (YES! YES! YES!)


It was the love story of a girl named Addison and a guy named Grayson..



She was just a student
but her mistake was
she wanted the teacher.



He was just a teacher she wanted
but his mistake was
he wanted her back.


He was supposed to be a small infatuation that comes and goes with time..but then of course he became more than that..


She was supposed to be a lil temptation that comes and goes with time..but of course she became more than that..


She wanted him and he wanted her back, what do you expect to happen? LOTS and LOTS of steamy lessons of course.. ;)

(But we're not gonna talk bout them because, well if you wanna know bout them with details, go grab the book and read it Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F. ;) )


But she dug her way into his heart..


and he dug his way into hers..


With time, they fell deeper and deeper in love...but unfortunately, that's also parallel to falling deeper and deeper into.. trouble! *sighs*.

You see, he was 32 and she was 18. Both were adults who could fucking make a decision for themselves.


He was her TEACHER and she was his STUDENT. And TEACHER + STUDENT = ILLEGAL SHIT that PEOPLE do NOT fucking APPROVE of!


So..hello there CHOICES!


Did they fucking survive it or did they fucking lost the battle against the world? Well.. like I said, go freaking read it Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F. ;)


(Just incase you wanna play guess-the-ending game, below's a lil clue for you ;))



I lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved the book but certain things pissed me off -_-


Like when the book started and she had a boyfriend and cheated on him, that's so NOT cool.

Like when the book almost ended and she tried to commit a suicide and HE didn't fucking stopped it right away, that's so FUCKING NOT cool.

Like when he treated her boyfriend badly just because he was jealous, that's so OH-PLEASE!

Like when he RAN FUCKING away from the cops and got away with it by being in somewhere far away.............and when he sent a pen with secret date on a film in it to her hoping she would decode it in time and meet her where they were supposed to be to be away from everyone...that fucking made me go WTF? I'm sorry but you're NOT A FUCKING SPY book hun!, that's so WTF-IS-FUCKING-PLAYING-IN-YOUR-IMAGINATIVE-HEAD!


My advice would be..

If you like a steamy contemporary adult romance, give this one a try.
If you like a steamy contemporary adult romance in the teacher-student genre, give this one a FUCKING try.
If you like a steamy contemporary adult romance in the teacher-student genre with a very interesting writing, drop everything and FUCKING read this.