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This book left me speechless. I. THINK. I. AM. HOPELESS. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. BOOK. Colleen Hoover is now officially my favorite author! Okay, just to make it clear, I read this book just because I wanted a light sweet high school love story, and not because of the FAMOUS AUTHOR, the GOOD RATING or the fact that I WANTED IT TO BE STEAL MY HEART. In addition, although I was wrong about the ‘light’ part, this book exactly stole my freaking heart!
Talking about the characters, they are nothing but great group of people. Sky or Hope is a strong broken girl. Dean is a goodhearted broken boy. Together, they are perfect.
The story? It is just so freaking addictive. At first, I thought that it would be a sweet high school romance but I was completely wrong, this book was more than that. Halfway reading this book, I was shocked with the plot twist. And mind you that AT FIRST I hated the plot twist and secrets, but then as I read more I realized that Colleen Hoover has a magic to make me un-hate them lol Both Sky and Holder had a difficult and heartbreaking past. However, they had each other to help reduce the pains. Although I have never been through what they have been through, I could understand and feel their pain. So as a conclusion, I LOVE THIS BOOK. So, go and grab this book NOW!

p/s: Just in case ypu haven’t read Slammed and Point of Retreat yet, you GOTTA go and grab those books too, because they’re just as AWESOME as this one.