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The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1)

The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1) - Susanna Quinn,  J. Lerman Maybe it's just my imagination, but the book was extremely imperfect, in so many ways. The premise was super interesting (because I am a big fan of the student-teacher premise) but the book was just plain irritating. The style of writing sucked because there were so many parts where things left unexplained...And there's also part where every freaking people except one was oblivious to their 'secret' relationship. I mean it was like they were all blind to their actions! Lastly, my problem is with the couple itself. The girl was pathetic. She begged him to teach her. He begged him to take a chance on her. She begged him to fuck her. She begged him to keep her. She begged him to let the relationship out to the public. She begged him for every freaking thing! And that dude just freaking did whatever he pleased. Even a doormat wasn't that pathetic!