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Wild Man (Dream Man, #2)

Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) - Kristen Ashley Before I screw things up, I would like to explain that I love Kristen Ashley's books, a lot. But this book really bored the hell outta me!

Why? I am not where to begin but I can assure you that my biggest problem would be Brock's screwed up family. Seriously, the family's problems gve me a major headache and it really annoyed the heck out of me. Next, my problem would be the freaking cnversations people had in this book. I love detailed books but, for this one I think I had way too much information (ow I would say it, too much unnecessary stuff) stuffed into my head. Seriously, I was starting to think that all Tessa did in her life would be baking cakes and fussing over Brock's family while Brock's freaking job would be fussing over Tess and his family. Didn't they have a relationship with the outer world as well??? It seems like their worlds revolves around each other and the family only. No other connections whatsoever. This Book. Frustrated. Me!