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Twisted Arrangement (Twisted #1)

Twisted Arrangement (Twisted #1) - Mora Early Hmm I didn't like what I read.. At first I liked the relationship she had with his brother but then I got bored of their plan to steal back the watch they had lost. It really annoyed me a lot to see holes in their plans. The plan is like this, she will sneak in, retrieve the watch and then go home. Woah, even my three year old niece could come up with a better idea, because:

-what if the office is locked?
-what if the office has a security camera?
-what if she get caught? considering that she was in a freaking party full of people!
-what if the owner lodge police report due to the missing watch?
-wearing a lace to cover your face? REALLY??

Okay, I hated the book and will always do, because I just hate all the characters, and the stiff relationship Emma had with Josh (To be honest, I have forgotten their names although I finished this book yesterday - so I had to look back at the summary to get them right lol).

p/s: there's a cliffhanger at the end of the book which funnily didn't not piss me off because I am just that NOT INTERESTED anymore with any of the characters in the book. Period.