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Seize Me (Breakneck, #1)

Seize Me (Breakneck, #1) - Crystal Spears What the fuck did I just read???

Seriously, the book was mindblowingly good!

Meet Angel aka Winter.


She has the look of an angerl yet so fierce like a freaking devil.

Meet Braxxon.


He oozes hotness but is a softie inside.

Winter hadn't had a pretty life,

This stupid world is so unpretty.

Everything was so freaking messed up for her so she ran away from her problems at home and stumbled upon a new one.

"A man that lived the same world I was hiding from. I had run straight from one hell to another…and I didn’t know if I would make it out of this one alive."

Her new problem would be none other than an MC President, the hott Braxxon.

“Trust me on this. Whatever the Prez wants, he’ll get. You take one look at him, and you’re gonna be a goner just like the rest of them. But for now, my brother just wants a dance.”

She was seized by Braxxon and the man refused to let her go. But his lifestyle was so not what she wanted in her life!

In that moment where my mind, body, and soul are assaulted, I know that I’ll never be the same ever again. Braxxon has seized me, and something tells me he isn’t letting me go.

But Braxxon was determined. He freaking needed her in his life. Although she was a Disaster wit a capital D because of her identity.

She was made for me. I need my Angel in my Hell.

And don't get me wrong, our Angel is no Angel. She's more like freaking Devil. Because when she's freaking hurt, you don't wanna mess with her.

She’s a damn woman out for blood, and it’s best to stay outta her fucking way.

How are they gonna survive all the shits thrown tot them? Read the book to find out.

Ever since that day you danced into my life, I’ve done nothing but breathed your air. I’d suffocate without you.

p/s: this book involves drugs, sex, rapery, murders and all the not-so-beautiful stuff you often find in the dangerous world of an MC and a mafia.