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1.5 frustrating-but-not-in-a-good-way stars.

Time to explain my rating!

My final verdict: I hate this book. Period.


At first, I read it because I thought that since it's the third book in the series, it will be better than the previous books. And guess what babe? I couldn't be more wrong. The book sucked. Big time.

The beginning was quite captivating..but then it became suffocating! However...


So I kept reading the book..And finally managed to get to know the characters in details.

There were supposed to be two main characters in this book, but somehow someone seemed to have forgotten how to count properly, so we got not two but four main characters. Yeah, two lunatics, and two wallflowers...


So, our first lunatic would be Mr. Cage.
He was a whore.
A pathetic whore at that.
And he made a huge mistake of falling in love with Miss Tegen.

Now, who's Miss Tegen?
She was a whore's daughter.
A hypocrite one at that.

I have nothing to say bout Cage, because he wasn't that bad but I have a lot of NOT-NICE things to say about Tegen.

I hated Tegen. I hated her with all my heart. She didn't annoy me, she downright pissed me off. Why? SHE YELLS ALL THE F*CKING TIME!!!!!!!!!! IT'S F*CKING DISTURBING AND EXCRUCIATING! Next, she was a f*cking hypocrite. She hated the biker world, but disgustingly used the money that came from it to live (when she could find like a freaking work to survive!) and f*cked bikers. She kept throwing tantrums (even though nobody freaking tick her off at all!) thinking that she was f*cking mightier than everyone when she was downright worse than them. She f*cking think that her sh*t didn't stink!

Cage was far from perfect but he still deserved better than that b*tch!

So the book was supposed to be about them, but somehow Dirty and Ellie slipped in and stole their feeble spotlight.

Who's Dirty?
He was a brother in Horsemen Hell's MC.
He was broken (their words, not mine).
He saved Ellie and his world changed.

Now who on Earth is Ellie?
She was a friend of Cage lil sister.
She hated the biker world but she felt safe with Dirty.

TBH, the stars came from Dirty and Ellie because if I was to rate the book based on Csge and Tegen alone, there would be no star at all.

SO, my final feeling:


I recommend this book to NOBODY!

*I'm done with this series, and I'm moving on. Because if you haven't noticed it yet, the same plotline from Undeniable has been abused way too often in this book, and in Unbeautifully.