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Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Meet my Bennett...


and my Chloe..


First of all, I think it’s better for me to simply explain that I read this book as a fanfic and not a book. I am nt sure whether it’s different from the officially published book or what but I will review what I read, the fanfic.

The book was about Chloe and Bennett who hated each other with all their hearts. Well this is mainly because Bennett was a jerk to Chloe.

“Late was not a word found in the Bennett Ryan jerkhead Dictionary. Along with heart, kindness, compassion or thank you.” – Chloe

But then, Chloe’s not a doormat, she fought back with her brilliant remarks.

However one day they couldn’t hold it anymore, and they had sex in the office. Both were shocked by that event.

“What. The. Fuck. Was. That?”

You see, they have been wanting each other for nine freaking months, so they thought that it was just a one-time thing.

“Nine months. Nine fucking months of morning wood, and endless fantasies about someone I didn’t even want. Well that wasn’t completely true. I wanted her. I wanted her more than any women I’d ever seen. The big problem was I hated her. Well maybe not… no, I hated her. She was one of the biggest bitches I’ve ever met.” - Bennett

But it’s not like that at all. Each argument ended with them having sex. But, they still annoy each other..

“Music was being piped through overhead speakers, and I was glad I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping my voice down too much as I strangled her.” – Bennett.

A lil bit of distance was then formed when they both realized that they should not be having sex again and again since obviously, they worked together. (Bennett was Chloe’s boss, and Chloe’s was his secretary)
A week apart, and they went back to the ‘old’ habit of having sex again when they met. But this time, both were willing to take a chance on thing, in secret it was.

“Gone were Mr. Ryan and Ms. Mills. We were Bennett and Chloe, and I couldn’t believe how right and real it felt. I’d never felt physically closer to another person in my life. He’d been tender and gentle, and we’d teased and just enjoyed each other for the first time. “

And both thought that although it was wrong,

“‘ Je Ne Regrette Rien,’ it means, I regret nothing.””

Oh, and as all love stories unfold, the H or h finally realized that they are in love, not in lust.

“At some point, I had given him my heart and I knew now that I would never get it back.” - Chloe

“Do you believe me? Je suis à toi. I. Am. Yours.” I wanted to believe him, more than anything.
“Yes.” He brought his forehead to rest against mine and I closed my eyes.
“I promise, Chloe.”
“And I’m yours.” He smiled the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen and placed his warm lips softly to mine.

“You have me, don’t ever doubt that”
“I don’t”

And of course since Bennet loved her, he automatically became the possessive alpha male..

“Let’s get this straight, Chloe,” I stated, stalking towards her. She took three steps backward, a small gasp leaving her throat as her body came in contact with the plate glass window next to my desk. I placed a hand on either side of her head, trapping her.
” You,” I whispered roughly, my mouth hovering near hers, “are mine. Nobody, not Mike, not David, nobody is going to take you from me......" - Bennett

But he did not have to worry because she belongs to him.

“Nobody could ever take me from you..” – Chloe

Ugh, the only reason why I bothered with writing this review was because I had wasted my three days reading this tiring book. Seriously, the lack of plot was so obvious that I think I got an eye cramp due to rolling my eyes repeatedly. Oh, to spell it out for those who are still blind enough to see it by now, the book is just full of S.E.X. And the plot is just all about them hiding their relationship, as if it was something forbidden or taboo. Seriously, they could just declare that they were having a relationship, get married and get over it! However, although I kind of hated the book, I did enjoy some fun banters they had that had me laughing out loud. But too bad the funny part wasn’t enough for me to love the book. </i<