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Infraction (Breach) (Volume 2)

Infraction - K.I. Lynn 3.5 Fractured Stars

Before reading the book, I was like thisseriously, after the fantastic Book One, this one should be better, right?:


But when reading the book I was like this the first half was so freaking boring that staring at the wall seemed to be more fun!:


After reading the book, I ended up like this the first half was a torture, the rest was quite good..so it's a love hate situation, right?:


[b:Breach|16079654|Breach (Breach, #1)|K.I. Lynn|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1349923374s/16079654.jpg|21877684] was Brilliant but this one had only HALF of that brilliance. Yup, only half of it..


Nathan kept saying that he was sorry..
Lila kept saying that she can't forgive..
Everyone kept saying that she should forgive her..

Nathan kept saying that he loved her..
Lila kept saying that he didn't..
Everyone kept saying that he did..

WTF? For God sake, if the stupid repetition was cut, I could have saved lots of my time and spared myself from the stupid torture called: LILA'S DENIAL! Instead of pitying Lila, I felt annoyed by her. And Nathan? IDK him anymore. He became someone who was too mellow for his own good!

I'd just pretend that I've never read this book and move on with my life.