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Truth - Aleatha Romig 3.5 Captivating-but-Disturbing Stars


People keep slapping this book with a five-stars rating and even claim it as the best in the series...But I'm not People, so I'm sticking to my 3.5 stars.

MY ONLY REASON would be: The book was an example of exaggeration at its best.

Claire didn't learn because she was too stupid to be taught..
Tony was still Tony because he was.. Tony..
Sophia existence was useless because she was useless..
Catherine? You're a maid, just do your f*cking job!

I should've stopped at book one. :c

p/s: I was VERY disturbed by one thing...Claire having sex with who's-that-guy..and Tony being okay with it...yeah I know, this isn't some kind of fairytale love story (it's a thriller for God sake!) but I just couldn't forgive them for ruining my picture of love story :c