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Unbelonging (Unbelonging, #1)

Unbelonging (Unbelonging, #1) - Sabrina Stark descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription

3.21 I-Loved-The-Girl-But-I-Hated-The-Guy-So-I-Guess-It's-One-Of-Those-love-Hate-Situtions Stars


The cover was kinda okay..although I have no idea why there's a hint of pink there to ruin my view. Red is okay, but pink is not! Well, whatever.


The blurb was interesting. Wouldn't have bothered to read the book if it sucked. :D

Sometimes, the Place You Belong Isn't Where You Began…

With an accounting degree that's getting her nowhere, Chloe Malinski spends her nights waitressing and her days housesitting in a neighborhood that's infinitely beyond her reach or comfort zone. But she knows all too well that no one wants a pauper in their mansion, so she's gotten good – maybe a little too good – at faking it 'til she makes it.

With more baggage than any airline, Lawton Rastor made his money through prizefighting – and not the kind with padded gloves and some bowtie-wearing referee. He made it through the gritty, back alley kind where sweaty money changed hands over beer and bimbos.

She's a poor girl from Hamtramck. He's a billionaire bad boy from Detroit. They should've never crossed paths. But when they do, thanks to Chloe's latest housesitting gig, the collision of sparks, secrets, and misunderstandings leaves both of them yearning to belong exactly where they shouldn't – with each other.

And the book? Well..Here's the thing, I expected something but I got something else. ;)


Expectation #1: A poor girl working her ass out to provide for her mom, her dad, her brother, her grandma, her cousin, her dog, her neighbor, her boss, her workmate, her workmate's cousing EVERYONE. (this is a ridiculous expectation of mine swirled inside my head by the sentence "spends her nights waitressing and her days housesitting")
What I Got #1: A girl who couldn't get a fixed job working as a waitress at nights and housitting while doing so just because her parents were FUCKED up. And by FUCKED UP, I don't mean drug addicts and so, but the different kind of fucked. They weren't poor, but her parents were so retarded (stingy as fuck, and as not-caring as you can) that she needed to work so that SHE can live better. No family to take care of, and definitely not a huge burden on her shoulders *sighs*


Expectation #2: Fights, Fights and Fights.
What I Got #2: A fight or two. Lame ones at that. I might have read the wrong book because there was no fucking sight of "gritty, back alley kind where sweaty money changed hands over beer and bimbos." in my copy! *sighs*


Expectation #3: A hottie with sexy muscles.
What I Got #3: A guy with muscles and all walking around shirtless trying to woo a dog girl (let me tell you a secret, ... actually, he was even friendlier to the dog than with the girl..). That's when he wasn't fucking two, I repeat TWO, bimbos. Cool. *sighs*


Expectation #4: An intense romance and a yummier one once they got together.
What I Got #4: We kiss. I didn't like what you say. I went home. Months later (okay, maybe it was just weeks, but you get my point) we met. We chat. We had sex, just. like. that. Oh, don't worry, suddenly we became SOULMATES, so fuck everything else. *sighs*


Damn it, I'm sounding like a whiny bitch! But I've got one last point to make tho and since I don't want to be freaing censored, it'll be a good one :)


Expectation #5: I expected a mellow doormatish but tough girl.
What I Got #5: A sassy girl! I loved her! (Best heroine ever!)


That's all! Bye! xx